Memories that are kept forever for all of my friends

Life is short......

Life is short. Just a blink of an eye years have already passed and now i'm 21 years old.

21 years old! just image, you have been on this earth , breathing, eating, sleeping and etc for 21 one years. that's a very long period.

Sometimes, i just wonder what have i been doing all this while on earth. Everything that remembered, experience that i acquired felt like there were gained yesterday.

Seeing friends all busy with their life, people dying on the news. makes me wonder and questioned about certain things.
Since life is so short, why don't people appreciate it? why aren't people grateful about their life?

i know i'm not 100% satisfied with my life but i'm trying and learning to do so. I'm trying to learn to always be optimistic about life about anything that has happened to me.

Come on, life is really short, there is no point for you to grief, sad about things that happened but look forward - life has to go on.

What i'm trying to say is. Please, spend more time with your family, friend or anyone you really cared about. Be thankful of what you have, don't compare. Do something that you liked, pamper yourself or something.

Just really, don't waste your time on things that are negative.(thoughts actions or anything that's negative) you don't have much time on earth already. don't waste it on pointless things.

I know the way i'm writing now are very random cause i write what i'm felling now......


Feeling tired, disappointed and weak now.

what am i doing?

Brain or Heart?

They say love is blind but how true is that?

i have been in love before and been sick of it too but

in the end i still do feel that i need it.

The love here i mean is not family love or God's love but the affection towards the opposite sex - your girl friend or boy friend.

It is sometimes very nice to have a partner to share your thoughts, experience , pain, happiness and so on. Unlike brotherhoods, there are just things which you can't describe that is missing when you are with your gf or bf.

Maybe because "brothers" are just close friends, while your life partner is someone who you will share the rest of your life with.

but sometimes it is really hectic to have one but still, life without problems is not worth living.

i really do sometimes feel lonely and sad because there are times that you just can't tell your best buddies about something but rather someone who is your partner. The emptiness is really hard to describe. But still, to have a life partner just to fill up the emptiness and boredom for me is sort of weird, it sounded selfish.

so my question now is, when you are looking for your life partner, do you think of the possibility of being happy together through out the years or just go for it because it feels right?

How do you know the person you liked is the person your really loved? Is it through feelings? or the action or things you do to make he/her happy?

Until now, i couldn't get a clear answer on it. i'm really confused about everything concerning love. Is it because of the physical attraction that you like someone? or is it faith that is doing the job? or is it the your personality and character that lets you decide the person you like?

only time, can tell me the answer now......

the change

i just found out something,

My blog is having less pictures but more words.

That must be the greatest change i have done to my blog.

I'm Back

YESH! Can finally on line!

Words alone can't tell how excited i am to be able to on line again.
and yes i'm finally back in Kuching already.

i still remember before i come back to kch , i don't felt like going home because of all the adventure that i had in KL.- Making feel like kch is such a dulll and boring place. But after a long wait at the LCCT and a short delay with my flight, i finally touch down on KIA.

Once i step out of the plane and breath in the air of my hometown, i'm glad that i return. Just like last time, when i first came back from KL, my friend brought me to watch movie that night.
Such joy that i have and privilege to be able to drive around the city freely, go anywhere.

Ordering food using hokkien dialect. Tasted tomato kueh tiao. Walk around the street during the night feeling safe and secure. Smiling at everyone. Tell friends of funny things i hear and see from West Malaysia. Went visiting the city. Tasted my mum's cooking again.

It really does feel different to re-adapt yourself to a familiar culture. The way i talk in kch is really different from west.M . There is really a culture shock between west.m and east.m which i find it amusing sometimes. Anyways i'm great to be back and

KUCHING is really my place, my comfort zone.

Y1S3 here i come

Thank God that my result wasn't bad.

Now,get ready for S3 is going to be tougher!

So, all the best everyone, gambate!


I post this in my facebook.

" You are not the only one living on this earth so please learn to resepct other people's culture. Don't think your own culture is the best and other's are out-dated. Learn to be humble la. You think you can survive alone in this world meh. "

Why? because there are these people on earth who thinks themselves as the smartest people on earth. When they give you advice or comments or opinion, you must take it, no you must "sallow" it literally. When you speak of your own opinion or disagree on them, they will become very offensive - they will keep on disagree with you by continuing stating their points until you agree with them. ( what a pain..... you must have got a talent for debating )

So please la, learn to be humble and respect other people's opinion. i do not mean that you can not disagree with people is just that we must learn how to disagree with people's opinion without hurting them. (i'm still learning it) or else people will just hate you.

Most of my friends should know that i always ask stupid question which all of you think is amusing. Now, let me tell you, a question is never stupid because is a question. It depends how you look on the subject. Do you know why i always ask the question i asked? it is because i want to get to know how, why , what for, other people do the things they do - to understand their culture.

Do you know what is your best friends' religion, culture , tradition and so on?

For me, to respect others you must know something about their culture. As you guys know, i always ask my friends or newly met friends about your race, state, country, the mother tongue they speak. It seems as if i'm a racist or something but that is not true. What i was trying to do is to understand them.

If i know that you are Hakka for example, i will know probably the things that you will like to eat or maybe the things you like to do. i will keep asking you about your culture just to get to know about you and try not to offend you in the way that you don't like. It is a way for me to understand your culture and respect it. Sometimes you will find it exciting and smart to know what is their tradition about and you shall respect them for who they are.

So, please la learn to respect other people's culture. Do not think that what they do sometimes is funny but try to learn something from other people's culture without forgetting you own(the good ones la). That's why we will never stay harmony if this keeps going on.

(This post is a constant advice for myself to respect other people, do post your opinion after reading as i want to know about it ;p)

Good By3 2009

New Year is coming.

a start of a new chapter or a new beginning.

Time to say good bye to the past and welcome a new year.

but wait..

when was the last time i celebrated new year?

or is more like how did i celebrate new year for the pass years?

Party? Dinner? Church?
i do not recall how or what i was doing during pass new year's eve.

the world is celebrating it but why do i not feel the excitement?

It feels typical and indifferent for me.

Maybe, it's just me but hopefully this year will be different, an eye-opener to me.


I wish all,



Sorry for the delay but,i wish all of my friends a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I must say, this is the first time i celebrated Christmas far away from my family with my cousins in KL. On Christmas eve, i was busy moving but thankfully i manage to move most of my stuffs to my new room and just in time to pack up my things and off i went to my cousin's house to attend a dinner. ( more like karaoke buffet which was really a new experience for me, as you guys know me, i don't sing much.. hehe) Anyways, i had fun.

The following day, which is Christmas.i went to Church(DUMC) and i must admit it is even better than the ones in Sibu and Kuching. What shocked me was not the concert like hall that could accommodate thousand of people, Live band worshipping, excellent sound and lighting system but.......

I GOT THE OPPORTUNITTY TO SEE JACLYN VICTOR perform live! Whoa! She really diserve the Malaysian Idol title. I also never knew that she was a christian.

Now, it is time for me to enjoy my precious holiday. hehe so chao!

Sorry, no pictures or anything for this post and have a merry holidays.

Unit Course Registration

Engines hot, weapons ready.

Is now or never~ Go! GO ! GO!